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Latest News

9 October 2019

PasswordSafe version 3.50.0 for Windows has been released (alternate site).

Bugs Fixed in V3.50

406 No longer flashes main window if user cancels opening screen.
1496 Easy-to-use password policies now enforces symbol constraint.
1494 Improve password policy checks and display.
1491 Workaround 4K monitor display problem.

29 June 2019

PasswordSafe version 3.49.1 for Windows has been released (alternate site).

New Features for V3.49.1

Installation of pwsafe-cli is now optional in Windows installer.

Bugs Fixed in V3.49.1

1490 Fixed -s switch (again).

30 April 2019

PasswordSafe version 3.49.0 for Windows has been released (alternate site).

New Features for V3.49.0

856 Setting the "Copy password to clipboard upon browse" implies copy password upon Run command.
First release of pwsafe-cli.exe, a command-line utility suitable for scripting.

24 December 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.48.0 for Windows has been released (alternate site).

New Features for V3.48.0

Default expiration interval is now configurable via Options->Password History, instead of being hardcoded to 90 days.

Bugs Fixed in V3.48.0

1481 Export subgroups correctly.
1480 Fixed typo in English dragbar tooltip texts.
1475 Tweak RNG initialization.
1473 Installer will not create startup shortcut by default when upgrading.
1243 Installer now selects language support for selected installer language.

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