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It seems that Password Safe inspired a few folks to write their own variations, mainly to support other platforms. Here are a few that I'm aware of. Notes: (1) I have not tested these personally. (2) You might want to check what version of the database these programs support, pre-2.0, 2.0 or 3.0.





Go gopwsafe Tim Khulman A password safe written in go using and implementing the password safe version 3 database.
Go PWSafe Luca Sepe Cross Platform simple and secure password management from commandline.
Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile Password Safe Beta
(Project source code)
Alberto Rivelli UWP port of the popular Windows application.
Windows Bimil
(Project source code)
(PasswordSafe compatible C# library source code)
Josip Medved (Medo) A password manager compatible with PasswordSafe.
Windows Phone PasswordSafe Reader
Project source code
Andreas Grimm A small Windows Phone 8.1 app which allows you to read Password Safe (.psafe3) files. Based on the Axantum c# implementation.
Blackberry pwsafe for Blackberry Jim Foley Free playbook version. This is a straight port of Jeff Harris' android app, ported and published with his permission.
Python library https://github.com/ronys/pypwsafe Paul McIntyre This is a pure-Python library that can read and write Password Safe v3 files. Released under the GPLv2.
Python Pasaffe password manager Marc Deslauriers Pasaffe is an easy to use Password Safe 3.0 compatible password manager for GNOME.
Python Loxodo Cristoph Sommer A Password Safe V3 compatible Password Vault
iOS platform (iPhone, iPad) StrongBox Password Safe
Official website: https://strongboxsafe.com/
Mark McGuill Supports local safes, Dropbox and Google Drive.
Mac StrongBox Password Safe
Official website: https://strongboxsafe.com/
Mark McGuill Supports local safes, Dropbox and Google Drive.
iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iPod) pwSafe 2App Store
Official website: https://pwsafe.info/
App77 pwSafe is an open source Password Safe port for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has DropBox and iCloud sync support.
Mac Mac App Store Link
Official website: https://pwsafe.info/
App77 This versions syncs with the iOS version of pwSafe via iCloud.
iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iPod) DropSafe (no longer available) Smith Surasmith Used in conjunction with Dropbox
Android App
SourceForge project home page
Jeff Harris This Android port of PasswordSafe has received good reviews.
PHP clipperz2passwordsafe Hans Fr. Nordhaug This is a small php script that converts a JSON file exported from Clipperz to a XML file that can be imported by Password Safe.
Java Java PasswordSafe roxon Open Source PasswordSafe clone written in Java
Windows Mobile PasswordSafeWM Svante Seleborgalphons and katakana2 A PasswordSafe reader
Objective Caml opws Michael Bacarella A PasswordSafe v3 command-line utility, written in Objective Caml.
Perl cliPSafe Ross Palmer Mohn A Command Line Interface to PasswordSafe that supports version 3 databases.
Mashed Life pwsafe-with-mashedlife Mashed Life A version of PasswordSafe that integrates with their service.
Unix pwsafe password database
A unix command line program that manages encrypted password databases.
Linux MyPasswordSafe
A Linux version that uses Qt for the graphical user interface.
Tcl/TK Password Gorilla
Password Gorilla is a Tcl/Tk application which can run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
Perl Module Crypt::Pwsafe3 Thomas Linden A fully compatible to the Password Safe database format (read and write),
Perl Module Crypt::Pwsafe Shufeng Tan A perl module that provides read-only access to Password Safe V3 data files.
Wine here's a link on running Password Safe on Linux under the Wine emulator.
Not strictly a project.
C# AxantumPasswordSafe Svante Seleborg A C# reader for Password Safe version 3 databases
Web server Pleasant Password Server Pleasant Solutions A commercial product presenting a PasswordSafe front-end to a central server.
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